Cover Crop Seeds

What are Cover Crops?

Cover crops are plants primarily used as soil covers, providing numerous benefits to the soil, crops, and environment. As legumes, they perform many essential functions, particularly for oil palm and rubber tree plantations.

Benefits of Growing Cover Crops

  1. Permanent Soil Cover: Provides a living, perennial crop cover
  2. Weed Control: Suppresses weed growth naturally
  3. Disease and Insect Management: Reduces disease and insect carryover
  4. Wildlife Support: Acts as fodder and habitat for wildlife
  5. Erosion Prevention: Protects topsoil from erosion
  6. Soil Improvement: Enhances soil texture and stability
  7. Beneficial Organisms: Attracts helpful organisms to the soil
  8. Nitrogen Collection: Fixes nitrogen from the air, enriching the soil

Cover crops are environmentally friendly, reducing the need for herbicides and promoting sustainable farming practices