Cover Crop Seeds

What are Cover Crops?

The term 'cover crops' implies that these plants are used primarily as soil covers. However, as legumes, they perform many beneficial functions for the soil, the oil palm and rubber trees as well as the environment.


Benefits of Growing Cover Crops:

  1. Provide permanent soil cover 
  2. Serve as a living carpet of perennial crops 
  3. Control weed dominance 
  4. Lessen disease and insect carry over 
  5. Act as wildlife fodder and habitat 
  6. Prevent loss of topsoil by erosion 
  7. Improve soil texture 
  8. Bind and stabilize soil particles
  9. Attract beneficial organisms, and
  10. Collect nitrogen from the air.


Cover crops are environment-friendly, and planting them minimizes the use of herbicides.